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Parent on Duty FAQ

  1. What procedures do I need to go through?

Start from logging into ACLS Online Registration System your family account, if you register any student into any language classes, you will need to select whether you want to perform a duty or pay a fee of $35 to have the duty waived. If you select to pay, you are all set. Otherwise you can use the “Update” button for any student and at the end of the page, select a duty from the list. The system will record your selection, which will be displayed in the home page of the account. You should mark your calendar for the date you selected.


Usually the security director will send out a reminder email several days from the duty date to remind you, but it is solely your responsibility to show up, so please do mark your own calendar.


When you go to the duty on the day, find the school security director for the day and sign off your name. The director will mark you as done with your duty later on, which will reflect in your account.



  1. How could I change my job if there is an unexpected conflict for the duty date?

Log into your account and click on “Update” on any student to change the parent duty selection.


  1. How late can I change my job?

You have up to Monday before the Sunday to make change. After that you should make an effort to come, or ask a friend or another family to cover for you. If you really cannot make it and cannot find a substitute, contact the school security director and inform him that you cannot make it. After the Sunday you should sign into your account and select a new duty to perform.


  1. Who is responsible for my job?

You are responsible to be present and perform the job you have signed up. The parent security director will help you with questions.


  1. What happen if I don’t show up for my security duty?

If you fail to show up for your duty without notifying the security director in advance, you will be subject to a fine of $50 per semester.


  1. Why there is a fine associated with the parent duty?

The purpose of the fine system is to introduce accountability and fairness to all ACLS student families.


  1. What is an “In Class Room” duty on a Sunday?


All families from CSL-1, CSL-2, CSL-3, pre-K, K and first grade do not need to take ACLS security duty, instead, they need to help teachers in classrooms. Please choose the date for this in-classroom duty for the semester during registration. If you choose not to serve the duty, you need to pay a fee of $35 to the school. When you have agreed to take the classroom duty but fail to show up on the assignment date, you will be subject to a fine of $50 per semester. Please be advised that you should also check in at the security desk on the day you perform your ‘In Class Room’ duty.


  1. How come the duty selection list is so short and I don’t have many choices?

The system works on a first-come-first-serve base. There are fixed number of slots for each duty for a specific day. Once all the slots for a duty are filled, it is not available for selection again. So if you sign up late, you may see limited choices. You should act early.


  1. What is “Security Pool” selection?


“Security Pool” is for those who could not find any security position available during registration because all positions have been taken by other families. In the security pool, you have less choice for the future duty date. School security director can assign you to be on security duty when there is a position available or when a large number of people are needed for securities for a big event. If you refuse to serve when you are assigned, you need to pay a fee of $35 to the school. Likewise, if you fail to show up to the assigned duty without notifying the school security director in advance (on or before Wednesday), you will be subjected to a fine of $50 per semester. School security director will notify you at least one week ahead of time.


  1. Will there be any new duties during the semester?

Yes, based on the school’s need, there may be new duties that come out as the school goes on. New duties will be announced at least two weeks ahead of time to let people sign up. This means the list of duties may change as time goes by. If you sign up for “Other”, you can change the selection when you receive notification about new duties.


  1. I am done with my job, but I’d like to help out more.

Sure thing. Just get into your account and choose a new job.


  1. Is the duty system for the whole school year or just one semester?

This is for one semester, as it is part of the semester’s registration system. You register once a semester, you sign up for parent duty once a semester.


  1. What if I cannot perform a security duty in the semester?

Families can choose not to take ACLS security duty if they pay a fee of $35 per family per semester to the school. Parent council needs to use this fee to find a person to cover the position.


14. How to reach the school security director?

You can reach the school security director via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .







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