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Acton Chinese Language School Bylaw

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    Article I Missions

  1. Name. The name of the organization shall be "Acton Chinese Language School (ACLS)." The website is

  3. Objectives. ACLS is a community based non-profit educational organization with its main objectives of providing programs and courses in Chinese language and Chinese culture, of providing these related services to the families in Acton and neighbor towns. It is also school’s goal to help bring the local Chinese community to the main stream through its programs, cooperation and interaction with school district and local communities.

  5. Principle. ACLS adopts the Chinese Pinyin phonetic system, both of the simplified and the traditional Chinese characters writing system and Chinese Mandarin for its classroom. ACLS develops its curriculum and programs based on the needs of its pupils and parents.

  7. Commitment. ACLS is committed to promote and enhance the communication and cooperation among Chinese community and the mainstream society in the Great Boston area.

    Article II Organization 

  9. Organization. The governance of ACLS organization comprises the Board of Directors (the Board), the School Administration, and the Parent Council.

  11. Power of the Board. The Board is the overall policy-making body of ACLS and has the authority to interpret the Bylaw.

    Article III School Parent Meeting


  13. The Meeting and Vote. 
    1. The School Parent Meeting approves the report from the Board and discusses issues and concerns from parents. 
    2. The Parent Council holds the School Parent Meeting once a semester. The Board reports to the School Parent Meeting. The School Administration reports to the Board and relies on the Parent Council to operate the school. The meeting will be arranged and noticed by the Parent Council at least two (2) weeks in advance. 
    3. Parents and all the volunteers registered at the school are eligible for voting. One individual has one vote.
    4. A majority of parents and volunteers shall constitute a quorum. 
    5. The School Parent Meeting shall pass the Board decision with over half of votes.
    6. The School Parent Meeting shall overrule the Board decision with 2/3 of votes.

    Article IV Board of Directors


  14. Responsibility of the Board. 
    1. The Board oversees the school’s mission and policies, and does not interfere with the school management and operation. 
    2. The Board reviews the administration proposal and help the principal develop long term plan for school.
    3. The Board reviews the school financial status, reviews and approves the school budget plan for the next school year.
    4. The Board is responsible for helping raising fund to school financial need.
    5. The Board is responsible for appointment of the school principal and approval of the appointment of the vice principal.
    6. The Board shall report to the School Parent Meeting held at the end of each school year.
    7. The Board assists the school administration to build school relationship with local town governments and school district.
    8. The Board shall assist the school administration in the public affairs. The Chairman of the Board and/or the designee may participate the community events at the principal's invitation.

  15. Members of the Board.
    1. The Board of Directors shall consist of five (5) or more members. The candidates for the Board of Directors can be recommended by any members of the school community or apply by themselves. The candidates are elected as Board of Directors by a majority vote of the Board and approved by the School Parent Meeting late on with a majority of votes.
    2. The term for the Board of Directors is of two (2) years, and can be reelected for two (2) more terms.
    3. School Principle and President of the Parent Council shall be the Board members as long as he/she holds the former office.
    4. If the exiting School Principle or exiting President of the Parent Council was elected as a director of the board through the procedure described in Article IV 9.a, then he/she may stay on the board for the rest of his/her term if the board has vacancy. 

    5. The Board members have the obligation to participate in the Board functions actively and be responsible for the tasks assigned by the Board. The Board members shall assist in collecting feedback from pupils, teachers and parents regarding the school administration and various aspects of the school curriculum, programs and instruction. 
    6. The eligibility for the Board membership generally includes experience of one-year participation in the school activity. The Board can accept its members from outside the school community. These members shall not be more than one fifth (1/5) of the total board members.
    7. A board membership can be removed by 2/3 of votes of board members at board meeting.


  16. Chairman of the Board. 
    1. The Board of Directors shall elect the Chairman of the Board by a majority of vote or a consensus.
    2. The term for the Chairman of the Board is of two (2) years, and can be reelected for a one more term.
    3. The Chairman of the Board is responsible for coordinating of the Board functions and operations.

  17. Board Meeting.
    1. Regular meeting shall be held twice during the school semester on dates set at the beginning of each semester by the Chairman of the Board in consultation with the Principal.
    2. Special meetings may be requested by the Principal, or any two Board of Directors.
    3. The Chairman of the board chairs the meeting. In case of absent, the Chairman of the Board shall designate one Board member to chair the meeting. The Chairman of the Board can invite non-board members, who have no voting power, to attend the meeting if necessary.
    4. The board meetings shall have the meeting minutes documented for future reference.
    5. The Board members may submit proposals individually or in collaboration to the Board before the board meeting. The Chairman of the Board is responsible for setting the dates and meeting agenda.
    6. Each board member has one vote. All the board decisions have to be approved by majority vote unless specified otherwise. The Chairman of the board shall have two (2) votes if a tie appears.
    7. A majority of board members shall constitute a quorum.

  18. Article V School Administration

  19. Principals.
  1. ACLS shall have a principal and a vice principal. The principal is the chief executive of the office of the school and shall regularly report to the Board.
  2. The principal is responsible for the overall daily school operation, management, curriculum and finance. The principal shall serve as spokesperson of the school. The vice principal assists the principal in the overall school operation and his or her designated responsibilities.
  3. The principal may recommend principal candidates for the following school year to the Board.
  4. The term of both principal and vice principal is one (1) school year, and can be rehired for a new term. The Board has the authority to terminate and hire the school principal during their terms.
  5. The vice principal shall be nominated by the principal and approved by the board. If principal quits before the end of a school year, vice principal takes over the principal position. 
  6. Principal is responsible for hiring the school administrative staff, whose term should be one (1) year and can submit proposal to the board for any major changes in the administration team.

13. School

  1.  The school fiscal year is the same as the school calendar year that starts at July 1st and ends at June 30th.
  2. The school financial operation shall follow the school finance regulations.
  3. The principal is responsible for hiring teachers and determined their salary rates.
  4. Teachers are hired for a one-year term based contract and can be rehired by the school principal. Teachers shall observe ACLS Teacher Conduct Regulations.
  5. Parents should duly register and pay the school tuition for all school classes.
  6. Pupils should observe ACLS Pupil Conduct Regulations, and make efforts to complete the school assignments.
  7. In case of pupils violate the school policies and regulation, principal has the right to ask him or her to leave the school.


 14. Nondiscriminatory Policy Acton Chinese Language School admits students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin to all rights privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. Acton Chinese Language School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, and other school-administered programs.


 Article VI Parent Council

15. The Council. The Parent Council is a volunteer organization of pupils’ parents to assist the overall school administration.


  1. The Parent Council shall have a Parent Council Article stating the missions, responsibilities, qualification of members, election of the President and Vice President in detail.
  2. The Parent Council Article shall be under the score of this Bylaw.
  3. The Parent Council is responsible for helping principal to maintain school order in the classroom and in the school during the school hour.
  4. All activities of Parent Council during the school hour have to be granted by the school principal. It also has to get the principal’s permission to use school’s name in all activities it organizes outside of school.

16.  Members:

  1. Every parent is encouraged to participate the Parent Council activities and has the duty to fulfill the tasks assigned by the Parent Council.
  2. The Parent Council has a president and a vice president, and five (5) or more council members.
  3. The Parent Council members serve a one-year term and can be reelected. The election should be preceded during the last month of the school year.


Article VII Amendment

17. The Bylaw may be amended, altered, or repealed by the Board of Directors under a majority of vote at any regular or special meeting.


 Article IIX Indemnification

18. Any director or officer who is involved in litigation by reason of his or her position as a director or officer of a organization/school shall be indemnified and held harmless by the organization/school to the fullest extent authorized by law as it now exists or may subsequently be amended (but, in the case of any such amendment, only to the extent that such amendment permits the organization/school to provide broader indemnification rights).


 First Revision Passed By ACLS Board On January 3, 2004








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