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Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year

Dear ACLS Families and Friends,

We hope you and your family had a great summer and are ready for a new school year. ACLS starts this coming Sunday, Sept. 11 2022 at R.J. Grey Jr High and the address is 16 Charter Road, Acton, MA 01720.  Please ensure that you have your child's class information before you and your child(ren) come to school this Sunday.

1. Notes for the first day of school
• R.J Jr High is open to ACLS families at 1:45 pm on Sunday.
• Registration Desk and Tuition Payment Desk are located in the hallway outside the Jr High cafeteria during 2:00-4:30 pm.
• Please bring your printed registration record and check (with family ID on it) to speed up the process.
• Language and culture classes/classroom/teacher lists are posted in the R.J. Jr High lobby. Student list of each language class is posted outside of classrooms.
• Help desks (including Language Dean's Desk and Culture Dean's Desk) are in the R.J. Jr High lobby. Please consult with the deans if you have any questions about our programs and classes.
• Admin office is in Room 409.
• Parents on duty will meet at the Parent Duty Sign-in Desk at 1:45pm. Please ensure that you have signed in with our security director (Jianke Li) before you perform your duty.
2. Registration and Tuition Payment
• (For language classes- only) students whose tuition payment received by 8/31/2022 will get their textbooks in classes this Sunday.
• Families who have registered but have not paid tuition fees by now, please stop by our Tuition Payment Desk this Sunday and pick up your textbooks in room 409. No late fee will apply. 
•  Walk-in New Students: Please follow the procedure posted near the Registration Desk. After completing registration and tuition payment this Sunday, please come to room 409 to pick up textbooks.
• Late Fees: Families who have registered either or both Language and Culture classes, please be informed that late fees will be applied after 4:50 pm, Sept 11th, 2022 (the first day of school for ACLS Fall Semester).
3. Facility Usage Policy
Please strictly follow the Facility Usage Policy below to reflect our appreciation to both schools' and Community Education's long-term support. Please be aware that any violation could jeopardize ACLS's rental privileges. Thanks for your cooperation!

• Latex is strictly prohibited in R.J. Jr High buildings
• Citrus products (such as oranges and orange juice) are also prohibited in R.J. Jr High building.
• No solicitation is allowed during school hours
• No food/beverage is allowed in the classroom/corridors anytime during the school except in big cafeteria and the designated places
• No running/chasing/ screaming/sport in the corridors/lobby/cafeteria
• Do not mark on the Wall/smart-Board/Desk in the classroom
• Do not use or remove any supplies as well as personal belongings in the classroom
• Pick-up and drop-off must be along the counter-clock of the circle in front of R.J. Jr High, no parking on the driveway
• Please do not move any furniture in R.J Jr. High building, including the tables and Chairs in the lobby area outside the cafeteria. These new tables and chairs must stay in their fixed locations.
4. ACLS COVID Protocols and Regulations 
• Please follow the Acton-Boxborough School's 2022-2023 Covid Protocols and Regulations
• ACLS strongly recommend all people coming to the ACLS School (including students, parents and teachers) to wear masks. Please prepare the masks by yourself. The school will provide some backup masks in case you forget to wear.
5. Resources
• ACLS Website: our official website is, which provides a lot of useful information. Here are several handy links for you: 
    - Please review and bookmark the Fall School Calendar. We will send you a weekly email to  update you on whether we have classes or not on each Sunday.
    - Please review and contact the ACLS Admin Team for specific questions. You can always send email to Principals if you don't know who to contact.
    - Please review, follow and observe the ACLS Rules and Regulations
• ACLS WeChat Public Account: please join our Webchat Public Account to get weekly newsletter:

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