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Payment and Refund Policy

Late Payment Policy

$20 processing fee will be posted to the family account for the fee received for Fall 2023 if:


  1. Postmarked after August 30 , 2023;
  2. Received in person after Sept. 10, 2023;
  3. Payment via ZelleTM after Sept. 10, 2023.


And there will be a $10 fee for any NSF returned checks.



Withdraw Policy

There are three ways you can request for class withdrawing and refund:

  1. Come in person to school registration desk on school day;
  2. Send an email withdraw request to registration@acls-;
  3. Send a dated letter of such to ACLS, P.O.Box 2239, Acton, MA 01720.

In the request, please include family ID, student name, class name to be withdrawn, and the name of the refund check payable to. Otherwise, the refund will be delayed.


Refund Policy

  1. A withdraw request received by the day prior to the first class (not including the day having the first class), a full tuition will be refunded for all language classes and cultural programs.

  2. A withdraw request received on or after the day of the first class, and before the day of the 3rd class (not including the day having the 3rd class), a deduction of $30 from tuition for a language class or $20 for a cultural program will apply to each withdrawn student.

  3. Book fees are not refundable.

  4. No refund will be issued for any requests received on or after the day of 3rdclass.

  5. If a class could be cancelled due to unexpected causes, such as instructor's sickness, weather condition, or special events, etc, and if such cancellations are not more than three times to the same class, no refund will be issued.








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