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Dear ACLS Families and Friends,

ACLS will NO school this Sunday 12/03 because of rental conflict at Jr. High school. Next ACLS is on 12/10. 
ACLS ends at 4:45pm. Everyone should leave the building by 4:55pm. Please pick up your student by 4:55pm to avoid penalty.
- Notes
1. Senior Club: Senior Club will be held at the Big Cafeteria, sharing the space with Taichi club. Each club is supposed to use roughly half of the space. 老人俱乐部会在初中的大食堂,会和太极拳俱乐部共用。
2. Leary Field Use: When the field is reserved for an official activity we can't stay and use the Leary Field.
3. Parent Duty: for parents on duty, please register at the Security Desk and you will be assigned a task accordingly.
4. Parent Waiting Area: Parents can wait and stay in the waiting area close to the cafeteria in R. J. Junior High. Please do not enter any classrooms that we don't reserve.
- Facility Use Policy
Please strictly follow the Facility Usage Policy below to reflect our appreciation to both schools' and Community Education's long-term support. Please be aware that any violation could jeopardize ACLS's rental privileges. Thanks for your cooperation!
•    Latex is strictly prohibited in R.J. Jr High buildings.
•    Citrus products (such as oranges and orange juice) are also prohibited in R.J. Jr High building.
•    No solicitation is allowed during school hours.
•    No food/beverage is allowed in the classroom/corridors anytime during the school except in big cafeteria and the designated places.
•    No running/chasing/ screaming/sport in the corridors/lobby/cafeteria.
•    Do not mark on the Wall/smart-Board/Desk in the classroom.
•    Do not use or remove any supplies as well as personal belongings in the classroom.
•    Pick-up and drop-off must be along the counter-clock of the circle in front of R.J. Jr High, no parking on the driveway.
•    Please do not move any furniture in R.J Jr. High building, including the tables and Chairs in the lobby area outside the cafeteria. These new tables and chairs must stay in their fixed locations.
- ACLS COVID Protocols and Regulations
• Please follow the Acton-Boxborough School's 2022-2023 Covid Protocols and Regulations
• ACLS strongly recommend all people coming to the ACLS School (including students, parents and teachers) to wear masks. Please prepare the masks by yourself. The school will provide some backup masks in case you forget to wear.
- Resources
• ACLS Website: our official website is, which provides a lot of useful information. Here are several handy links for you:
    - Please review and bookmark the Fall School Calendar. We will send you a weekly email to update you on whether we have classes or not on each Sunday.
    - Please review and contact the ACLS Admin Team for specific questions. You can always send email to Principals if you don't know who to contact.
    - Please review, follow and observe the ACLS Rules and Regulations
• ACLS WeChat Public Account: please join our Webchat Public Account to get weekly newsletter:
Ting Chen and Ally Lee
Principals of ACLS


ACLS is Hiring Culture Teachers


The Acton Chinese Language School (ACLS) is currently accepting applications for culture program teachers. Traditionally, ACLS has Art Group, Fitness Group, Music, Instrument and Chess Group and Academic Group. Please refer to the ACLS website for current culture programs at ACLS.


ACLS culture programs provide a variety of classes for school age children and adults. The main purpose for the culture program is to promote community participation, education, and leadership, to foster cultural exchange and awareness. Through these culture classes, we hope to enrich the life of the ACLS community and to bring Chinese culture to the community. Our classes vary from Taiji to Ping Pong, from Debate to Python, from Chinese language for Adults to painting and Digital Art. 


We’re looking to hire teachers who have talents related to Chinese culture or talents that will enrich our ACLS community. For example, we need teachers in academic areas who can teach k-12 math or math counts, AP level physics or Chemistry. We need teachers who can teach dance or fitness classes. We need art teachers who can teach painting or arts and crafts. We need teachers in music instruments, chess and GO. If you believe you have something to teach, we may make it into a class.


ACLS runs every Sunday after from 2pm to 5pm except holidays. We follow the Boston area K-12 school calendar. Following MA Covid guidelines and putting the safety of our teachers and students first, ACLS is hoping to have in person classes in the Fall.. Online Zoom classes may be suitable for some classes if the teacher feels it’s better to teach online. ACLS will announce the Fall semester decision later in the summer.


The ideal candidate will have the following qualifications: 

  • Speak English and Mandarin Chinese
  • Classroom management
  • Ability to collaborate with other faculty on curriculum
  • Ability to communicate effectively with students and parents/guardians
  • Strong communication skills
  • Can legally work in USA


 Education and training requirements for this position include: 

  • Bachelor’s degree preferred
  • Teaching experience in classroom 


To Apply

Please email a cover letter, resume, and three references (written or provide contact information) to: 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


ACLS is Hiring Culture Teachers


ACLS现在招聘文化课老师. 文化课的主要目的是为了弘扬中国文化,丰富社区的生活. 目前ACLS文化课有艺术, 健身,  音乐,  乐器, 棋类和学术等方面的课程,.我们的文化课从太极拳到乒乓球, 从辩论到计算机编程, 从语言表演艺术到绘画等, ACLS的文化课包括成人和学龄儿童的课程.  请参照ACLS网页了解现有的文化课.


为了让文化课更丰富多彩,  ACLS现在招收文化课老师. 我们需要数学老师教授中学数学, AMC, 物理和化学老师. 我们也需要健身和舞蹈老师, 绘画和艺术方面的老师, 各类乐器和围棋老师. 如果你有才能, 可以教授, 我们就可以考虑开课.


ACLS每周日下午2点到5点上课. 我们的学年同Acton的校历一样. 主要节假日休息. ACLS在服从麻省Covid条例, 保障学生安全的情况下, 秋季学期希望能在RJ Jr. High School中学上课, 具体课程安排请在开学前留意ACLS的通知.


招收老师的条件: 会讲中文和英文, 可以在美国合法工作, 有教学经历.


请将个人简历和申请信和3份推荐信发给: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



Chinese As A Second Language


Why Choosing CSL at ACLS?


  • Over the years, more than a dozen students from this program joined Chinese classes at Acton-Boxborough Regional High School. These students take leadership role in class discussion and cultural activities.


  • Seven CSL students graduated from ACLS. Four of them have been studying Chinese for 9 - 12 years. One continued to study Chinese at Columbia University. Another minored in Chinese in College.


  • Through years of efforts, CSL students have learned to speak, read, and write Chinese, and type Pinyin.


  • CSL students have taken Youth Chinese Test (YCT), and passed Level 3 or Level 4.


  • Student Age 518


  • Level: CSL Level I - V

                  CSL Advanced I - IV

                      CSL Adult beginner I-II

                 CSL Adult Advanced I-II


  • Class time:   2:00 - 3:35pm Sunday afternoons


  • Address:Acton’s R.J. Grey junior High School


  • Questions: Email Dean of ACLS Language Program: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Registration: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Visit Our Website:
  • Visit Us: Room 409 R.J. Grey Junior High 2:00-4:45




Acton Chinese Language School appreciates the following financial grant support from Mass Cultural Council:





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