Class name: Coding Interactive Games with Scratch
Class limit: 10 
Restrictions: Age 9-13
Tuition: $175 per semester 
Time: 3:45-4:45pm

Class Description:


Scratch is a block-based programming language and an online community where children can create and share intelligent media including stories, games, and activities with others everywhere in the world. Originally created by an MIT professor of Learning Research at MIT Media Lab and an investor at Two Sigma, Scratch has become the world’s largest coding community for children (

Coding Interactive Games with Scratch is a great course to introduce younger students to the world of programming. Students will utilize the block-based programming language Scratch, perfect for this age group, and learn ideas key to programming such as conditionals, if-else statements, animations, and be able to design their own interactive games by the end of the course. After taking this course, students will be able to express their creativity through code. This course will help them understand more complex programming languages that will give them more power to program than Scratch does.


Class Instructor: Eddy Zhao

Eddy Zhao is a high school student at Acton-Boxborough Regional High School. He is a winner of national math competitions and has learned several programming languages including Python, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Eddy started learning Scratch since he was a 2nd grader. Below are the links to a few fun Scratch games and animation projects that he has created (controls are found in the description of each game).

1. Deal Or No Deal:
2. Bingo Blitz
3. Circle:
4. Lucky Wheel:
5. Madden! American Football

Eddy is easy-going and warm-hearted. He wants to share his talent with younger students and help them be successful not only in coding but also in learning to think and reason creatively.