Class name: Math club-AMC 8
Class limit
: 20
: Rising grades 5-8
Time: 3:45pm - 4:45pm

Class Description:

The AMC 8 class will help students enhance their mathematical problem solving skills and prepare them for the upcoming AMC Tests . Covered topics are PreAlgebra, Algebra, Geometry, Number Theory, Counting and Probability.

The class will focus on both instruction and AMC8 problems practices as students understand the concepts better with applications. The instructor will foster a positive learning environment so that the students can enjoy the beauty and fun of math.


Instructor: Grace Ju

Grace got her MS in Electrical Engineering and is working towards her master's degree in education. She is a licensed math teacher both for middle school and high school. She has abundant teaching and tutoring experience in math. Her style of teaching is to guide students through the thinking process and build their math skills step by step. She has always had great relationships with her students and loves to inspire youngsters.