Class name: International Chess --- Intermediate Level
Class limit: 24
Restrictions: Ages 6 to 12
Tuition: $175
Time: 3:45pm - 4:45pm

Class Description:

This class is open for intermediate level and above chess players interested in learning advanced chess skills, having fun, and furthering their general cognitive development. Students are assumed to be experienced chess players. They play against their classmates right from the start of each class, being paired via a class ladder.

Students are expected to do homework. Any chess activity is fine, but they will be given a premium account on for the class term (materials fee of $10) and receive awards for progress on it.

Beginning kids are ready for this intermediate class when they are independently able to: 1) play a full game, and 2) perform this queen and rook mate (any number of moves is fine):

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Instructor: David West

Coach West grew up in NY, graduated public HS a top scholastic chess player, and received a STEM PhD from UC Berkeley.