Class name: GO (围棋) – Introduction Level
Class limit
: 14
: Ages 6 and up
3:45pm - 4:45pm

Class Description:

In class students will be learning the basics of GO. This includes how to capture stone - good beginning / strong positions - how to count points - the rules, etc. By the end of this course/ semester, students should know:

Students will be required to bring their own GO boards if they own one.

Instructor: Shuhong Li

I started playing Go vigorously during the middle 1980s and earned the 3 Duan ( 业余三段)title in HuBei Province region. I love teaching the kids WeQi basic skills and playing with them. In this class, the first half of class we will do PROBLEM solving and second half, kids will play GAMEs among themselves , and with me, if they like. I will watch their games and give suggestions to their moves.