Class name:Creative Painting for Children
Class limit
: 15
: Ages 4-7
3:45pm - 4:45pm


Class Description:

The goal for this class is to help elementary-aged students develop the basic skills needed to become creative and motivated artists. As a course centered around the fundamentals, as well as a love for art, students will first learn about basic color theory and how to use colors effectively in their drawings. Next, they will study how to portray 2D and 3D structures using different techniques. After understanding the principles of color and form, students will begin to experiment to express their own unique ideas. With the help of their instructor, students may explore different mediums according to their interests, including colored pencils, markers, pen and ink, acrylic paint, watercolor, and clay. give out instructions how / where to purchase these.

Instructor: Alyssa Ao

Alyssa Ao will be a junior at Wayland High School this coming fall and has been passionate about learning and teaching art since her own elementary school days. She is experienced in multiple mediums and is highly accomplished in the art scene, winning a National Gold and Silver Medal in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, Scholastic Art & Writing Regional American Vision Award, first and second place in the Congressional Art Competition, and over twenty Scholastic Art & Writing regional Gold and Silver Keys. Alyssa strongly believes in using her artistic skills to better her community, acting as the Graphics Editor for her school publication and recently winning a grant to complete a public art project for the town of Wayland. Alyssa already holds plenty of experience in teaching children; she is currently a teaching assistant for an art class at the Umbrella Arts Center and has previously volunteered for a chess class and dance class at ACLS.