Class name: Adult Ping Pong Class
Class limit
: 16
2:00pm - 3:45pm

Class Description:

The fastest way to become a pingpong player or fans. We will teach most standard skills: forehand, backhand, serve, pushing, looping, blocking, rules of the contest.

Basic Training: (1) How to hold a racket; (2) Standard posture and place; (3) Footwork; (4) Back and forth; (5) Keyword item; (6) Tactics Control; (7) Attack/Defense; (8) A series of skills and tricks;

Teacher: Hongsheng Liu

I have had forty more years experience of pingpong and was professional player at 12 years old and used to coach adult pingpong players and fans many years. Instantly teaching pingpong for children at the ACLS and hope to make lots of friends through teaching .