Class name: Ping Pong for Children
Class limit
: 16
: Ages 6 and up (adults welcome)
3:45pm - 4:45pm

Class Description:

Ping Pong (aka Table Tennis) is a good mental and physical exercise for different age groups, and the benefit can last a life time. For young players, it can improve their coordination of eyes, hands, and the entire body, and enhance their capabilities for concentration and competition. Ping Pong is fun and safe to play, either indoors or outdoors; It's also a wonderful game to play among family members and friends, especially during the long, harsh winter.   


The class will provide new or experienced students with basic knowledge about the sport, as well as rules and regulations for single and double games. All students will learn several basic skills of serving and returning the ball. Then students will be divided into three groups most suitable for their skill levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced). They will learn and practice some playing tactics such as driving, pushing, blocking, attacking and looping.


Requirement: Each student needs to bring his/ her own Ping Pong paddle. 

Instructor: Hongsheng Liu

I have had 46 years experience of PingPong. I was profession player at 12 years old and coached about 25 years. Several years ago I taught Ping Pong at Ebridge and ShiJi Chinese schools. I hope to make lots of friends through teaching Ping Pong class for ACLS.